1. God why am I so stupid

  2. Now I’m crying in my bed rethinking everything I said and starting at the picture I took just weeping for how stupid I am see this is why I don’t like leaving my bed ever

  3. Guys I just met my fucking idol like seriously Nikki the lead singer from the band little daylight and I fucking UGH the first thing out of my mouth was “all the ringtones on my phone are your songs” and I jut kept babbling from there like who the fuck am I like I hate myself this is why I don’t ever want to meet famous people because I lose my shit around them like halfway through our conversation I started tearing up and my voice cracked when I asked her for a picture and bless her she obliged but holy crap what is wrong with me I feel like such a ding dong right now I want to cryyyy

  4. anerdyfeminist:


    dELiA*s catalog, 1999

    I will never not reblog 90s Delia’s catalogs, which were my everything for a while.


  5. tungstens:

    we all have a favorite eyebrow

  6. bombing:

    walk into any starbucks and say “i can’t believe they’re doing a secret screening of the unreleased Wes Anderson movie down the street” then collect all the macbooks that everyone who just ran out left behind. keep your favorite one and sell any you don’t need

  7. bookofrevelation:

    slightly older female friends are truly a force for good in this world

  8. Kristen Stewart for Obsession Magazine France

  9. vergess:




    whoever invents headphones that are comfortable to sleep in will get so rich


    [SleepPhones] are headphones wrapped in a padded fleece headband. I have a pair, and they’re quite nice.

    Get out of here……

    So I guess I managed to leave the link out of that post, sorry!


  10. snorlaxatives:

this is my new favorite twitter account


    this is my new favorite twitter account

  11. "Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already."

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